Case Studies: Harvey Hext

Harvey Hext, eight, from Bristol, has down syndrome and was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma when he was four. His mother Sarah was sure something was wrong but it was seven visits to the hospital, two to A&E and a drive to another hospital before he was diagnosed.

By this time the cancer had reached Harvey's bones.

Treatment for Harvey has unfortunately never been easy and the typical protocol has not been possible due to poor response. Even though he has had several types of treatment his neuroblastoma tumours have remained.

Last year he was diagnosed with a sarcoma, a new cancer which was likely caused by the treatment he received for neuroblastoma. He had to go through major surgery to remove the sarcoma and his cancer became stable.

Thanks to Hugs From Henry, Harvey was able to make some unforgettable memories. He and his family were able to attend the Caudwell Butterfly Ball where they met a horde of celebrities including soul singer Lionel Ritchie and Sarah Ferguson.

In 2016, the hext family wre given the devestating news that Harveys Sarcoma had retured and there was no more treatment available. Harvey fought so very hard and gained his angel wings surrounded by his family. I personally will never forget this funny and cheeky boy, who alongside his brother bought so much happiness into this world.