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Wednesday 5th July 2017

Princess trust hair cuts and fundraiser with the fox house retreat.

We are looking for support for this event.... thanks to the fox house retreat who will be cutting the hair!

fundraisers must raise upwards of £50 to participate. please see the following guidelines from the princess trust.

Suitable hair:

  • Clean, dry hair in good condition (no split ends) from any gender, and of any natural colour
  • Straight, wavy, curly, permed or chemically straightened
  • Containing the occasional grey (less than 10%)
  • Dyed, bleached/highlighted (any dyes must be of a natural colour)
  • Plait(s) cut a long time ago, preserved in good condition

Image: Mark Soanes, Wanstead and Woodford Guardian
Image: Mark Soanes, Wanstead and Woodford Guardian

Unsuitable hair for our wigs:

  • Hair that is less than 7”/17cm in length
  • Dyed an unnatural colour (blue, green, purple)
  • Largely/mostly grey hair
  • Afro (the wig-maker is not a specialist manufacturer of Afro wigs. The Trust buys in these wigs separately)
  • Dreadlocks
  • Hair extensions

New guidelines:

  • Wash and dry your hair
  • Do not add conditioner or styling products
  • Put your dry hair into a plait(s)
  • Secure at both ends with an elastic band
  • Ask your hairdresser to cut above the band/s nearest your head
  • Now have the rest of your hair cut and styled as you wish
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