Welcome to Hugs From Henry!

Hugs From Henry is a Plymouth based charity which helps families all over the UK who have a child suffering from neuroblastoma. Whether emotional support, making a memory or helping families keep in touch, Hugs From Henry provides them with a place to turn.

Signs and symptoms of neuroblastoma?

Fatigue, loss of appetite, fever, and joint pain are common. Symptoms depend on primary tumor locations and metastases if present:

  • In the abdomen, a tumor may cause a swollen belly and constipation.
  • A tumor in the chest may cause breathing problems.
  • A tumor pressing on the spinal cord may cause weakness and thus an inability to stand, crawl, or walk.
  • Bone lesions in the legs and hips may cause pain and limping.
  • A tumor in the bones around the eyes or orbits may cause distinct bruising and swelling.
  • Infiltration of the bone marrow may cause pallor from anemia.

Neuroblastoma often spreads to other parts of the body before any symptoms are apparent and 50 to 60% of all neuroblastoma cases present with metastases.